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Rouge Symphony Series

 The process of creating my current series “Rouge Symphony” has so far taken one year, but I haven’t finished yet.

Initially, I had the idea in my head and like most ideas, they lay there for a considerable amount of time. I tend to hold ideas for days, weeks, sometimes even months, perfecting in my mind before acting upon them. In any case, from the outset, I knew that I wanted to portray a fashionable, sensual, strong, and confident female in my paintings.

I went through all sorts of fashion and interior design magazines just to find the looks that inspire me, mood boards were created to enable me to visualise particular themes, styles, and concepts. To know which colours look great together and decide which colour scales I’m going to use in my series, I conducted various colour studies in my efforts to find the ideal combination. By doing this, I was able to establish the palette that createsthe greatest impact. 

Next step was to find the outfits and the looks that depict our modern day style and suited my muse. After many life drawings, studies and photographing I was ready to finally begin painting. 

The muse I have selected for my current series is the Scandinavian model Sylvia Flote, I think she is everything an artist could hope to find in a muse. As I got to know her better new ideas were added to my initial ideas. Her feminine playfulness and poetic nature inspired me to create new paintings that are deep and meaningful. The pale skin and rich colors in her hair certainly were challenging to paint and although I enjoy a challenge, this wasn’t by no means the primary reason I chose her, it was the fire in her eyes that keeps me interested.

In this series, I wanted the viewer to be able to connect and mentally interact with the paintings. That is the reason why majority of the paintings are life-size and the messages are hidden in their titles, “Dance With Me”, “Hear Me Whisper”,

“I see you as you are”, “Serenade”, “Kiss Me Already” and the rest. I like to give to the viewer only the hint of the idea behind each painting without revealing all the mystery.